Ta Daaah

My latest creation in the works – just need some stuffing and its good to go ( the arm belongs to my friend ). The wall paint at Fish & Co had a nice blend of blue, so I couldn’t resist a shot.Dear fellow artist who happen to visit this blog , please get creative and not steal other crafters / artist ideas , I have no intention to copyright my work , since they are mostly nature based, the earth can probably sue me for this. As for the rest of you ,thank you for not copying my work. The work I have done so far have been mainly based on rain clouds, since it only rains in Singapore. One day though, I was thinking back on the months I spent in Vancouver and remembered snow. It hit me , why on earth did I not think of snow flakes before?!?! So this is my first attempt at clouds with snowflakes ( still can be used as an earring holder ).

Thank you my dear friend for this yummy dinner at Fish & Co. It was very nice to see her and to chat and laugh with her again.

Playing with LMA ( Montessori materials) – shop name, maybe I should change my shop’s name. How did I get this name in the first place? I drew lots.

My mother wasn’t feeling too good , so I had to cook lunch – Yogurty Potatoey Curry. I do not fancy cooking, it takes quite an effort for me to get inspired to cook, like waking up in the morning one day and announcing to the world that I want to cook something special. This was an old recipe of mine that I used to cook all the time , but this time I did  some little change to it, the verdict – not bad.

Was I happy when I saw a toy shop selling my fave anime characters not usually found elsewhere in Singapore. I was super amazed and excited ,and the price $9.90 each! What more can I ask for ? I got them .

That’s all for today, I think I wrote too much. Take care and a great weekend.

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It has come to a point that…

my head is gonna burst any moment. You may not be able to see it , but its dripping with thoughts and ideas to an extent that sometimes my mind goes blank ,just empty for a moment. The next thing you know I am assaulted by even more thoughts and what not. Sigh. It must be the planets ( I believe in astrology – planets rules us and that kinda thingy ). Moving on to the  more mundane aspects of my life, yes its true, my life is boring not even mediocre. Some times I wish I was living an exciting life of an artist , creating away and then have an artist block ( just like a writer’s block ) , the next thing you know, you wake up one morning filled with new ideas and you are back again creating and humming away happily  that you are busy again doing what you love most in life.

The children at school, they are smart, told me to write down whatever I need to remember ( Good idea ! Something I practice now and then with lists of what to buy ). Unfortunately , this doesn’t seem to work when I sometimes forget their names too, not to mention the fact that I don’t even remember to look at the list that I wrote. Or maybe …just maybe , I am getting old, senile and ancient. I am just in my freaking early early thirties! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEE!  The end.

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Busy as a bee!

I have been keeping myself busy this month. Loads of ideas and wondering which will materialize and which will forever stay in my sketch book.

Experimenting with snowflakes for my clouds.

Fabric waiting to be stitched up  into ipod cases or something else…

and many more stuff. I think my head is gonna explode with too much thoughts and ideas and what not!

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2nd post of 2010…. numbering them

Happy Lunar New Year to all the chinese people. Have a wonderful and prosperous year! Did you know that if you eat too many mandarin oranges, you will end up visiting the restroom too many times as well. I bet you didn’t know that.

It’s the 1st day of the lunar new year here, and the streets were empty, most of the shops were closed and you hardly saw people. I t felt like i was in a movie – those zombie ones, except that there were no broken windows or the streets filled with litter and particularly no ZOMBIES. Quiet way to start year for the chinese eh? Maybe its just quiet here and not so in other countries where the rules are lil relaxed.

The start of the year seems promising, I am back to blog ( fingers crossed ). Hopefully, it will last. I have been involved with a serious bit of crafting and to such an extent that my mom told me to quit my day job. Serious! She said I will be less stressed if I just start tailoring. I am definitely thinking about it. It will be better, I will be my own boss , less stress handling the children at school and I will be in a better mental and physical condition.

These are some drawstring bags that I am making for the shop with japanese words on them – food, meal,delicious and water. I am crazy about Japanese things ( privately thinks that everyone should be as well ).

This bag is for carrying your water bottle – it has mizu ( water ) sewn on it.

This is a Daiso DIY bag kit that I bought months ago and has been waiting to be stitched together , I added lace to it ( have started to add lace to anything and everything ).

A trial piece of a bunny purse, all I need to do now is to decide whether I want it with buttons or zip.

Double face sushi

Ginko from Mushishi went to visit the aquarium .

The government decided that some flats here need elevators on all the levels, so the upgrading has finished and we finally have a place to grow plants. We moved here about ten years ago and failed at keeping anything green around the house. I still need more plants.

Inspiring me –

Ginko had a fall , but this photo is my all time fave.

A new guy in my life, isn’t he handsome?

That’s it for now! Happy weekend. 🙂

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Why I do not post often….

its because of the uploading photo thingy that wordpress uses. I do not like it, its tedious. Especially when I save images on Flickr and I have to go through so many silly processes.It was waaayy easier many yrs back.So here I am, typing out a six month update, I wish to update every week if I can but this silly biz with the photos is being an obstacle for me.

These are pictures from botanic garden, look close and you can spot a fish or two.

Mushroom or fungus….which one is it?

Huge turtle swimming along with Koi fish and trying to get some food or attention. It could also be waiting for a chance to snap at you.

Last week we were working with Non-Living and Living things, I had the kids go around the school to find things that are living or once living or not living at all.

We found a hibiscus flower with mealy bugs, the kids were excited and angry with the bugs for destroying the plant.

The most oddest part of the search was this, for a while we thought it might be a lizard egg till one of the teacher dropped it – fake pearl.

Working with vertical addition using the golden beads.

Small Picture cards and LMA….you can see the spelling mistakes.

A bit of weeding done, to keep the garden happy and some beautiful weeds to look at.

Its not like I totally did not get some crafting done. Embellishing the girls’ dresses was fun.

Custom order for a lavender coloured rain cloud.

And some face painting for the school concert, these were done during the rehearsals.

Today, I got out the sushi felties that I have been working with last week for a photo shoot.


Argh !! Don’t eat us!! We are too cute!

They seem to be having a blast! ( For some odd reason I can imagine them talking with scottish accent  -_-‘ )

This is Ginko from Mushishi, I need to paint him soon.

That’s all for now, maybe if i can overcome this photo thingy , I might write often, otherwise who knows when will be the next time. Have a happy weekend and happy 2010!

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Naruto Akatsuki and others…..

Yup , I am officially a Naruto Fan. I can’t believe I am saying this or typing this….hahah. What’s wrong with me?!?!! Nevermind..

Here are more pegdolls from naruto anime.





Yamato also known as Tenzo 



I think they look cute , but I wish I could make it even cuter by adding hair and stuff.

My terrarium is in progress, 

and I have added a polymer clay mushroom to my terrarium, I hope to add a gnome house to it if I can make one.

Next I am on Facebook

yeah, so that’s it for this week, I had horrible time with my pegdolls photo shoot, so I am tired after numerous trials. My picture still looks pathetic but that’s all I can manage with this weird hot weather.

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The rain has come…

for an hour and here to celebrate the rain after weeks of infernal weather, are photos of rain drops , there were no dew drops since the heat evaporates any bit of moisture in the air.

On papaya leaf…

… and banana leaf.

I have been away for the longest time, but I have been crafting a bit whenever I make time.

I have been working with polymer clay and I am out of ideas at the moment. But I have been working with something new – peg dolls.

Here are some pics of the peg dolls I made … ( Hidan, Zetsu, Naruto,Tobi and Miroku)

Process, draw them out on paper and when satisfied with the look and draw it on the peg dolls like these guys, Genma and Roy Mustang.

This is Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist,

and here is Genma from Naruto.

Well the main reason I’ve been away from the blog and shop….too much Japanese Anime and Korean,Taiwanese and Japanese F4. I got hooked watching the Korean version and decided to check out the Japanese anime Hana Yori Dango. Once I finished watching the anime , I could not get enough F4, so I checked out the Taiwanese Meteor Garden 1 & 2 , while still waiting for the korean version to finish. I also watched the Japanese series and the movie as well. Finally its all over with the Korean series up for another season, I have started watching Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Full Metal Alchemist and what not. They have become my inspiration to create my own toys using the peg dolls. I have done a few characters already , with most of the dolls coming from Naruto and one from Inuyasha and another from Full Metal Alchemist.

Maybe one day I will have a peg doll army ….haha.

Anyone interested in getting your favorite anime into a peg doll, feel free to contact me and I am up for challenges! 🙂

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A new year

Not a fantastic picture, but we were not allowed to take pictures at the Esplanade theatre. This was The Nutcracker.


The holiday theme for last month was “Buildings and Construction”. We had a few exciting projects lined up for the kids. Firstly, we had to make a town entirely out of boxes and tissue rolls, which was fun but a bit tedious. Secondly, we made a gingerbread house – well I did the putting it together business while the kids watched. We also baked gingerbread men. It was comforting to know that I had at least a little bit of baking skills left in me.




I have to say my first attempt at baking gingerbread men was not so bad. 🙂


I love this gingerbread girl.

Just before the year was to end, my family made a trip to this interesting place  of worship at Loyang. Three different religious buildings were all located next to each other: Chinese, Muslim and Hindu side by side. If people of all religions could exist in such a state, the world would be a much better and safer place to be.

I was most impressed by  the ceiling of the Chinese temple with its incredible attention to detail. It was simply awe-inspiring. The pillars of the temple itself were impressive; the stone carvings were fantastic. Mad skills!

Another shot of the temple, this time it’s the inner part. Incredibly impressive.

There is also the famous 4D stone, known for revealing winning combinations of lottery numbers to people. I did try staring at it for a bit to see if I could get it to reveal some numbers to me but that sort of thing doesn’t happen to a normal person like me does it?

With no luck at numbers, we headed to another temple near Changi and did some praying for a good year ahead and headed off to Changi beach.

It was good to see the sun,

the sand

 and the sea.

I have no idea when was the last time I went to the beach. I just stood there at the shore, getting my sandals wet – which was no matter since they are of PVC material. Many people have remarked how watching the waves is soothing to the mind and I definitely  have to agree. I was not pleased with my dad for cutting the trip short and heading back home.

Got some souvenirs from the sea… Seaweed!

26 December was my mom’s birthday and I decided to bake her a cake.

That was my first attempt at baking after 10 years. I had been in doubt about my failed baking adventure at 19 but the successful venture was a definite ego boost. Heh.

I have to say, 2008 was not a bad year at all for me. As for my new year resolutions, I didn’t get to complete them at all. So do I have any for 2009? I think I do. 🙂

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Back to wordpress !

Yay I am back at wordpress!

After a brief period at blogspot, I am glad to be back. I kept getting shut down whenever I tried to log into wordpress. Miraculously it stopped shutting me down , so I can blog at wordpress hurrah!

Lots and lots of things have happened and i m just gonna surmarise  what has happened, the year is close to an end. I will say one thing though, 2008 has been good for me , I hope to say the same for next year.

August – National Day  (Red and White)

Singapore Inspired  food stuffs made by the kids, unfortunately, I didn’t get to take picture of tomato sushi (red and white)

I do have these  : 

Strawberry Jelly with Nata de Coco



Egg Cakes with Whipped cream and Strawberry jam



September – Outings ( Rainbow fish and Science Center )

and at the Science Center




Yikes watch out you guys….its after you!


October – Deepavali

At  Serangoon 


Just before Deepavali, we had lilies 


and a little deco for the room 🙂



November – School Concert

Paper accessories done by me for the girls, they loved it, kept telling me how special they felt.

Appreciations gift for the parents by graduating kids



My attempt at polymer bird….very bad really

and Christmas deco is up at Vivo city


December – Buildings and Construction

Mighty Machine (miniature version)


more to come….

Take care and a great week!

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A trip to the zoo and update on the shop

I brought my student to the zoo, it has been sometime since I last made a visit to the zoo. Here are some pics that I took that have been waiting to be uploaded for sometime, I m still trying to adjust to blogger.com , I still prefer wordpress, but I just have no idea what went wrong with my puter that keeps shutting wordpress down …sigh .

This was found at the entrance of the zoo, it reminds me of the animation Ice Age when the mammoth goes through the cave to find some drawings and he find mommy elephant and daddy elephant being together.


I have never seen such a big croc or alligator in my life , it was huge..

Big crocodile

I have to say I was just a teeny bit scared of falling down into the area and come face to face with it…

We saw the usual giraffes, zebras and lions




We saw the most popular attraction …the white tigers, my student was so excited, her favourite animal after watching Kung Fu Panda, Master Tigeress.

White tigers

The zoo seem to have all these statues and I really like them all…


It was fun going to the zoo after all these years !

Next up , my shop has been updated after the longest time…

white cloud2


grey cloud1

cream cloud1

black cloud1








Find them on www.chirchi965.etsy.com

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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