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Yay I am back at wordpress!

After a brief period at blogspot, I am glad to be back. I kept getting shut down whenever I tried to log into wordpress. Miraculously it stopped shutting me down , so I can blog at wordpress hurrah!

Lots and lots of things have happened and i m just gonna surmarise  what has happened, the year is close to an end. I will say one thing though, 2008 has been good for me , I hope to say the same for next year.

August – National Day  (Red and White)

Singapore Inspired  food stuffs made by the kids, unfortunately, I didn’t get to take picture of tomato sushi (red and white)

I do have these  : 

Strawberry Jelly with Nata de Coco



Egg Cakes with Whipped cream and Strawberry jam



September – Outings ( Rainbow fish and Science Center )

and at the Science Center




Yikes watch out you guys….its after you!


October – Deepavali

At  Serangoon 


Just before Deepavali, we had lilies 


and a little deco for the room 🙂



November – School Concert

Paper accessories done by me for the girls, they loved it, kept telling me how special they felt.

Appreciations gift for the parents by graduating kids



My attempt at polymer bird….very bad really

and Christmas deco is up at Vivo city


December – Buildings and Construction

Mighty Machine (miniature version)


more to come….

Take care and a great week!

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A trip to the zoo and update on the shop

I brought my student to the zoo, it has been sometime since I last made a visit to the zoo. Here are some pics that I took that have been waiting to be uploaded for sometime, I m still trying to adjust to , I still prefer wordpress, but I just have no idea what went wrong with my puter that keeps shutting wordpress down …sigh .

This was found at the entrance of the zoo, it reminds me of the animation Ice Age when the mammoth goes through the cave to find some drawings and he find mommy elephant and daddy elephant being together.


I have never seen such a big croc or alligator in my life , it was huge..

Big crocodile

I have to say I was just a teeny bit scared of falling down into the area and come face to face with it…

We saw the usual giraffes, zebras and lions




We saw the most popular attraction …the white tigers, my student was so excited, her favourite animal after watching Kung Fu Panda, Master Tigeress.

White tigers

The zoo seem to have all these statues and I really like them all…


It was fun going to the zoo after all these years !

Next up , my shop has been updated after the longest time…

white cloud2


grey cloud1

cream cloud1

black cloud1








Find them on

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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What the?

This is from blogspot ….

Its been sometime, since I last moved to blogspot…after wordpress kinda crashed on me …boo hoo…but anyways I don’t plan to stop blogging.

I had to get up at 3 am in the morning to attend a special pooja sometime ago….it was quite an experience and after which I had an invitation for housewarming from my uncle all on the same day.

sithi vinayegar

Upon reaching his flat we found a seafood restaurant with all these fishes and crabs waiting for their turn to the dinner plate.


huge snails/clams and grouper fishes

I finally had a chance to go to batu cave in Malaysia last month , before heading off to Kuala Lumpur, we dropped by Johor Bahru Mariamman temple and had a hearty breakfast at a nearby Indian food stall.

This is at the temple

Johor - Mariamman

and later somewhere in between Johor and Kuala Lumpur

Somewhere in malaysia

and finally made it to Kuala Lumpur and onto Batu Caves

KL - Batu Murugan1

KL - Batu Murugan2

KL - Batu Murugan4

KL - Batu Murugan6

and later after climbing up the stairs all the way to the top harrassed by monkeys and rainfall ( although the stairs weren’t slippery just the occasional banana peels littered here and there by the monkeys… you get to see this beautiful statue

KL - Batu Cave Murugan on the rocks

and you walk on to see that are more stairs to be tackled , going down and up again

KL - Batu Cave looking back1

and you see the main shrine

KL - Batu Cave main shrine2

KL - Batu Cave main shrine3

KL - Batu Cave main shrine4

After praying , I went on to tackle the next set of stairs even further , 

KL - Batu Cave 2nd set of stairs1

unfortunately I did not take my camera with me to take pictures … was wonderful just to be there and see this…

KL - Batu Cave - raining

and after a bit of wandering around I went down the steps to have another shot

KL - Batu Cave view of cave

The time was up to head back to our travel coach and this time I didn’t think the monkeys will bother me so I got to take some photos descending…

KL - Batu Cave descending

and this shot was taken roughly around the tip of the statue od Murugan..

KL - Batu Cave descending1

It was a long and tiring trip but I enjoyed myself 😀

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