A new beginning…

this new year , to all who are celebrating, “Happy New Year”. No, its not the usual western calender new year that starts on January 1st. We have our own eastern calendar which has been going on for centuries even before the western calendar. Its more of a family event, we get new clothes, new stuffs for ourselves and do something like a spring cleaning. On the day itself, we have some prayer for a good year, and dress up in our new clothes and just enjoy.

What are my new year resolutions…

1.I hope to enrol into driving lessons and get it over with.
2.Take up drawing or jewellery making course.
3.Make more stuffies for my shop.
4.Keep creating more and not start slacking.
5.Learn something new everyday…if possible!
6.Hit level 70 with my shaman on warcraft.

and more, but I can’t remember all of it :S

Random Ramble No. 1
Lately have been watching some old flicks over and over again on dvd such as “magnificent seven”, “the good, the bad and the ugly”, “the great escape”.

The kids were forming words using the LMA for montessori language.


…I laughed so hard when I saw this , the poor crab.


Drum is grum


Lemon is Lamen


I don’t usually laugh when the kids mispell the words, afterall they are only 5yrs old, but I could not help myself that day….I guess I needed to laugh.

Random Ramble No. 2

I made pizza, I don’t usually order pizza as I always feel that there is never enough topping for the money you pay. When you make your very own, you choose the amount and the ingredients.
This is my version of the “Hawaiian Pizza”


ta da

close up

in the oven

and lastly into the oven.

Random Ramble No. 3

Lastly I am trying to get some new items done for the shop on etsy.

These are rain clouds and some cherry blossom flowers…
projects to complete

and these are gonna be the raindrops for my rain clouds…two different sets actually…


Now I am gonna watch tv, interesting show on paper and what designers are making out of it from furniture to bags to clothing!!!

Enjoy your weekend

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