What’s 52106 x 26078 = ?

it’s a good method, don’t you think?

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Sleepy Saturday

I just heard that my parents are coming back from their holiday tomorrow. ^_^ am so glad!!!
My sis and I had been taking turns minding our little doggie, since mom is not around the house. I had no idea how much stress that has given me, but it has been a stressful 10 days without mom! I miss her, and I hope she will have a safe flight back.

It has been such a busy 10 days, with things happening at work and getting worried about little doggie home, with just my arowana and guinea pig for company.

I hope she likes the new toy I got her to keep her happy!!
cutie pie

It was Teacher’s Day here on the 1st of September, I think, I have gained a bit of weight due to all those cookies, chocolates and sweets I received from the kids.

Thank you Dillon!

Thank you Joel! My favorite colour too. >_<

Faith this is the cutest zippy!!! I love it ^_^

To all the kids at school, thank you so much !!

Now, I have not done any felt work for a while, but I did attempt to make my own earring and this is easy except you lose certain amount of your fingernails *argh*
It’s also time consuming, but I have no intentions of selling them online.
So this is my very first attempt, doesn’t look that bad does it?
earring attempt

Yesterday, I did a little bit of shopping!!

This lovely lantern, since mooncake festival is coming.

and also this “My Melody” organiser and more sticky tapes to my collection
book stickytape1

Here’s some random pictures of punggol





H a v e a g r e a t w e e k e n d ! ! !

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